The sunflower

I planted a sunflower seed behind my office.  Six months later, this appeared.  Six feet tall, it looms over the fence, ocher guardian of the parking lot.  Last night a raccoon thought about walking across the hood of the office manager’s car, but the sunflower drew itself up and the raccoon knew it meant business.  I saw him defiling a blue Datsun a block and a half a way.

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Jodi Triplett’s interview

Jodi Triplett sat down with to have a chat about test preparation companies and where Blueprint fits in.  You can check it out at:

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Jodi Triplett tackles Mount Smith

The name wasn’t imposing, but the hike certainly was. Three hours of steady slogging got Jodi Triplett to the top of Mount Smith and an hour and a half made the return trip complete.

Jodi Triplett

Jodi Triplett pauses for the view on top of Mount Smith

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Jodi Triplett visits Sequoia National Park

Jodi Triplett's visit to Sequoia National ForestAfter 6 miles of hiking through underbrush, lupine-filled meadows, and fir, Jodi Triplett crested the hill and saw the lake.  Set against the granite peaks of Sequoia National Park, Lake Seville is as beautiful as it is remote.  The lake is shallow enough that the waters are cool but not freezing and Jodi Triplett enjoyed dunking her feet before returning home.

A photo of Seville Lake by Jodi Triplett

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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